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Posture Corrector - Back Support Belt



Effect:Bone Care

Material:BandItem type:belt for the back

Model Number:Correction Posture Belt

Function:Body Shaper Strap Humpback Correction Posture Belt


♥If your back is strained and fatigued due to bad posture or prolonged periods of sitting, you need the Power Magnetic Posture Support!

♥Designed to correct slouching and hunching, this belt has strategically placed powerful magnets that target the spine to reduce back pain.

♥It corrects your posture, helping you maintain a healthier stature.

♥Not only does it relieve pressure on your back, it also gives you a more confident profile.

♥Elastic shoulder straps and adjustable gives you maximum comfort.

♥Invisible under clothing, this comfortable and lightweight support belt is non-restricting and perfect for both men and women of all shapes and sizes.

♥Have a desk job? You’ll love the support it offers, especially if you already have back pain. Have a happier, healthier back with this therapy belt!


♥Easy to wear and take off, Adjustable Strap

♥Posture Providing Support for your back and helping to improve your Posture which will relieve stress on your back.

♥Can be worn at work and home

♥Designed to improve posture and correct stooping

♥Can be worn discreetly all day under clothing

♥Suitable for Men And Women



♥Adjustable Size:L, XL, XXL

♥L  Length: 89cm (strap is adjustable)

♥XL  Length: 99cm (strap is adjustable)

♥XXL  Length: 110cm (strap is adjustable)

Package include

♥1x posture corrective brace Band with opp packing